Thursday, 27 June 2013

Stratford-Upon-Avon Angling Association

I've posted before about Stratford-Upon-Avon Angling Association when I received a letter from the Chairman in March this year. They are struggling and have declining membership numbers, not helped with Stuart of Stuart's Angling Centre who sadly passed away this year.

Ironically as I was leaving the 'brook' yesterday I bumped in to Mal Hallows the Chairman and his son as they were leaving the car park. They had just evicted some BAA members who apparently strayed  (rolls eyes) on the Stratford run water. They have got a difficult job to do, no doubt about that and the more members an association has the easier it is to Police. The association have certainly done a great job of clearing the pegs for this season and need to be praised for that.

The outcome of their recent AGM was that they increased membership costs to £40 per year. If they didn't do that they would probably have to relinquish some of their waters.

It didn't help with lack of web presence, no website, no facebook page or the like. I noticed last week however they have addressed that this season with . Looks like 'my first website' but hopefully they can improve on it as the season goes on.

I know the Warwick and District angling association has a website sorted by Jeff Hatt maybe that's a direction they can take their website. With blogger it's suprising just how easily google and the like can find the keys words and many users can add content, rather than leaving it up to an individual.

The problem they have is local competition, and they have plenty of that. No close season waters available on their book isn't helping matters either. Mal mentioned a water share with another local club, maybe that will help boost numbers.

They have some cracking stretches of the Warwickshire Avon around Stratford though. My favorite the Brook at Hampton Lucy, Manor Farm, Luddington, Stannells and Severn Meadows and they have a small stretch of the Stour just outside Stratford from Preston-On-Stour through to Wimpstone.

I've offered some fish capture pictures for their website, and for those reading this if you hadn't considered Stratford-Angling-Association before, have a look at their website and go and have a look a some of their waters.

Quiet evening last night, I took too much time stalking a Barbel I spotted in the streamer weed and in the end only ended up with one Chub at last knockings. 

I've concentrated too much on Barbel last season, this season I want to try for a decent river Carp and Roach, I've got some ideas in mind and already planning the next trip.

A few more pictures of the brook and the swims I haven't even tried yet.


  1. Thanks for the post. I'll get a book when next in one of the tackle shops mentioned on their website (I have been thinking about it for some time).
    It seems that they've got a reasonable selection of stretches, despite the lack of "scrapes-in-the-ground".

  2. Blogger is certainly the way to go Mick. Keywords are picked up very fast and sites grow like nettles on riverbanks if they are right! On Idler's Quest search term I include in titles are there on the list in under an hour — that's how good it is and it only gets better the more visitors the site turns over.

    The W&DAA site I'm building is far from finished but it doesn't matter much, the key Information is there and the site grows day by day, currently 100 visitors each and every but that will improve threefold in a year. Two months ago you'd have struggled to find a mention of the club on the web but now it's possible and that kind of accessibility attracts new blood.

  3. Ive got my book Mick and will happily contribute to their site with photos reports etc as I am doing with Warwick .

    Its a fact of life that angling has become obsessed with carp and carp puddles and the ability to park behind your peg after browsing the on site tackle shop and gorging down a full english .....

    Then of course there are no trees to get caught on and no snags in fact not alot of anything just soul less life less carp production lines .......

    The down side being that clubs such as Warwick , Startford and Stoneleigh lose members and so struggle to pay the rent .
    Im a big advocate of river angling and historic clubs and hope that they all continue on for many more years ...

    Baz Peck

  4. I've some more pics of the Brook Baz, I'll happily show you the decent swims if I bump in to you. There is plenty I haven't even tried yet.

  5. I have just joined Stratford AA, together with my son and inspired by your blog have made 4 visits to the brook since the 16th. As a newcomer to Barbel fishing, I have broken my PB Barbel 3 times and my PB Chub twice in that period. The water is fantastic fishing. I don't understand why the club is struggling for members with waters like this. I have not tried anywhere else yet but will probably give Manor farm a go next week. If it gets too well known though???? Some of my catches have been put on the clubs photo gallery, have a look.

    Terry Thomas

  6. Some great fish there Terry, that Chub looks a right lump. I'd say if I don't catch a 6lb Chub from the Avon this year I'll be suprised.

    Let me know how you get on at Manor Farm, I've fished it a couple of times but didn't do as well as I do down the Brook.

  7. Oh and Terry I know those swims you fished just by looking at the pictures and I haven't even tried those yet. Certainly good to know fish can be caught from more or less everywhere on the stretch.

  8. Thanks for your comments Mick. If you think thats a big Chub, wait till you see the next two pics I have offered, Chub 6lb 5oz and Barble 11lb 2oz.

  9. Fantastic, look forward to seeing them. What bait did you get the Chub on ?

  10. I have been using meat and Elips pellets, results are about 50/50 at the moment. The 6:5 Chub came to pellets, so did the 5:8 Bream, but most of the Chub I have had previously came to meat.


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